13 February 2009

Philatelic Tributes to Charles Darwin

Hi ! This is great celebraion of Darwin's 200th Birth Anniversary. Many of you appreciated new issues on Darwin. I am giving here stamps which were issued by Royal Mail in 1982 to commemorate the centenary of his death. I have also selected some more postmarks and Max Cards on Darwin. The post is dedicated to great Naturalist of all time and to the all lovers of biology. This is for today !...Till Next Post....Have a Great Time....!

Darwin commemorated by Czech Republic

Date of Issue - 2 January 2009

Charles Darwin should be remembered not only for his theory of evolution, but also for the outstanding contributions he made to geology, soil science, experimental botany and the study of animal behavior. During his life, Darwin became known as Britain's greatest biologist as he produced several books and wrote thousands of letters commenting on many aspects of biology and geology. He kept notes on the natural history and geology of the countries he visited.

Darwin devoted years of study to collecting information about problems within various species. Furthermore, he developed explanations and mechanisms for what he considered the "transmutation of species." His Theory of Evolution is widely recognized - although he rarely used the term himself.

One of his favorite countries of study was the Galapagos Islands. This is a group of volcanic islands in the Pacific Ocean on the equator and 600 miles west of Ecuador. The land animals and plants that were able to colonize there in isolation have developed into new species. Not only are these species different from nearby continents, but they also exhibit differences among the various islands.

The word Galapagos means tortoise,and the giant tortoises of the various islands have become adapted to feed in different ways to exploit the available food. The tortoises were an important source of foodto passing ships as they could be kept alive for a long time aboard the ships and provided much-needed fresh meat.

Aside from the tortoise,there are two types of iguana on the Islands, the dark marine iguana and the land iguana.

The main small land birds on the islandsare a complex, inter-related group of speciesnow called "Darwin's Finches."

Darwin on Royal Bank Note

Max Cards on Darwin

Postmarks on Darwin

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Brian said...

I think it's a shame that the United States didn't think it worthy to commemorate Darwin with a stamp issue. I guess Donald Duck and Mickey Mouse are more important.

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