16 February 2009

Ceramic art work of San Marino

Date of Issue - 20 February 2009

Hi ! I have selected a beautiful set of stamps depicting very fine and exquisite Ceramic Art work of San Marino. These stamps will be issued by San Marino on 20 February 2009. The ceramic art is present in San Marino during Roman times, and it experienced a period of great splendour in recent history, gaining vast popularity. A phenomenon which brought famous ceramists and artists to San Marino, increasing its production and contributing to the Republic's economic and cultural growth. Here are the beautiful stamps with magnificent ceramic art work by the artists of San Marino. This art work is perhaps the best souvenir for the tourists visiting this country. This is all for this Post !....Till Next Post..... Have a Nice Time !


The Ceramic Production consists of tiles, large and small amphorae with elegant handles, wall plates depicting the “View” of the Republic, the “Towers” or the Saint Marino taken from postcards but also reality. The figures are bright and clear, surrounded by 18th century motifs of a “Raphaelesque” type, with spirals of various colours, gold or shiny black. The colours used by the artisans are all metal oxides, such as chromium, iron, manganese, copper and in their compositions, the colours green, orange, sepia and black prevail. The Sixties sees a real boom of companies and craft laboratories, and as a result, commercial activities tied to the sale of these products.

The € 0,36 value stamp (shown above) depicts a two-handled amphora of a classical style, in majolica, thrown on the potter's wheel, entirely handmade, with neo-Renaissance decorations and the coat of arms of the Republic of San Marino. Polished with antique gold and ruby, it's 65 cm high, with a diameter of 84 cm.

On the € 0,60 stamp, Umberto Masi's brush opens a window into the “Raphaelesque half shade black background” of an amphora with raised handles, snake-shaped, with “Saint Marino” and “Views”; and a “Fogliato” décor. This work dates back to the Fifties, stands 98 cm high .

The vase depicted in the € 0,85 stamp is decorated with spirals inspired by the Faience style, with a black and orange background; the shape is Etruscan. The work is characterised by four medallions with the Three Towers and the coat of arms of the Republic, and dates to 1999, a unique piece owned by the artist, it stands 38 cm high and has a body of 27 cm.

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