24 February 2009

Celebrating Wales & ...... also Philately !

Hi Readers ! For the last few days I have been writing regularly for Blog without fail. The reason is obvious, I am a bit unwell and due to small fracture in my foot, my movement is restricted for one month. So I have devoted my all time to philately and tried to write as much as I can. Hope you are enjoying different posts on a variety of subjects. I am always looking for new information that can be useful for every stamp collector. Many readers appreciated links on Braille Stamps and Climate Change Stamps Presentaion (Mentioned in two of my last Posts). While I am going through this period I feel that a hobby like stamp collecting is not just for self satisfaction and entertainment but it also shares some unpleasant moments of your life. I think it would have been so painful for me if I had to spend one month with a plastered foot on bed with a feeling of despair. I don't know how last 15 days had passed working on my laptop and searching new information on net. I have received mail from readers for exchange of philatelic items. I will soon sort out my collection as soon I recover. It's difficult for me to search items and take out scans right now. Coming back to this Post's contents, a new Mininature sheet will be issued by Royal Mail on 26 February depicting four main regions of the United Kingdom. In Club news some photos from 12th Annual "MAHAMRITUNJAY MAHOTSAWA" Varanasi in which the collection of our very distinguished member Dr. Satyendra Kumar Agarwal was also displayed. New Special cover on Scouting designed by our member Mr. Ajay Agarwal of Akola. This is all for Today... Till Next Post..... Have a Nice Time !.....

Celebrating Wales

The Royal Mail is going to celebrate Wales with a Miniature Sheet on 26th February 2009 the fourth in a series which depicts the four main regions of the United Kingdom. The Miniature Sheet comprises of two First Class and two 81p stamps in a border featuring photography of Harlech Castle. The First Class stamps feature the existing Welsh Dragon definitive and a new stamp featuring the welsh national flag, while the long format 81p stamps feature a drawing of St David and a photograph of the Cardiff waterfront featuring the National Assembly for Wales and the Wales Millennium Centre.

Club News

'Glory of Varanasi' on display
On 19 FEB 2009 the Exhibit "Glory of Varanasi" by Dr. Satyendra Kumar Agarwal was center of attraction when displayed in 12th Annual "MAHAMRITUNJAY MAHOTSAWA" (started by Padmvibhushan Kishan Mahraj ji 12 years ago) in "Varanasi Kala Dirgha" aimed to display the glory, art and culture of Varanasi through various forms of art. Three day function also included the Classical night of Shobha Mugdal also. Dr Agarwal was honoured for his collection with a Trophy awarded by Vice Chancellor of Mahatma Gandhi Kashi Vidyapith University.

Stamp Mania 2009
A One Frame National Philatelic Exhibition is going to be organized in December 2009 at Vadodara by Baroda Philatelic Society. for details visit http://www.stampmania2009.com/ Contact Prashant H Pandya vadophil@indianphilately.net or Timir R. Shah trs_shah@rediffmail.com

Special covers on Scouting
Recently Mini National Bharat Scout & Guide Centenary Jamboree was held at Ahmedabad from 2-7 February 2009. A special cover designed by our distinguished member Mr. Ajay Agarwal of Akola and his wife Mrs Sudha Agarwal was released by Chief Justice of Gujarat, Hon. Shri Javeri to mark the event.Mr. Ajay Agarwal is a noted philatelist of Maharashtra with 16 National & International recognitions to his credit. His themes are “The Scout Movement”, ‘India’s Freedom Struggle’ on Indian Stamps, ‘Health & Medicine’ on Indian Stamps.He is also working on a book 'Scouting Philately in India'. For details about this cover, contact Mr. Ajay Agarwal E-Mail : maharashtramedicals@yahoo.com

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