25 February 2009

10 years of EURO Currency .

Hi ! Today's Post is on Euro Currency. Euro, the European unique currency, appeared on the world monetary market ten years ago. On the occasion of the celebration of one decade since the euro currency appearance on the international monetary market, Romania and Slovakia issued postage stamps and Miniature sheets on 1 January 2009 commemorating "10 years since the launching of the euro currency". These are very beautiful philatelic items, sure to be liked by philatelists as well as coin collectors. The FDC, Miniature sheet and the individual stamp, all are quite attractive. Here are the nice philatelic items by Slovakia and a round stamp figure from Romania shown below ! This is all for this Morning !.....Till Next Post .......Have a Nice Time !.....

Date of Issue : 1 January 2009

The European Monetary System was created in order to achieve an area of monetary stability inside the European Economic Community. The European Unique Document ascertains the freedoms of motion inside the Union (for persons, capital and also for services and goods) and the Maastricht Treaty represents the legal base of the unique currency.

The actual preparations for the European unique currency accomplishment started in 1994 by introducing ECU (European Currency Unit, the generic name initially used), which represented only one of the phases, the decisive one, that lead to the appearance of the European unique currency. In December 1995, during the European Council reunion in Madrid, the name of the future currency was decided: euro, name which quickly imposed on the market and was assimilated by the Europeans. One of the reasons for this choice was the fact that euro is easy to pronounce in all the languages of the Community, this name having obtained the best results in all the soundings.



The Euro Symbol (€) is inspired from the Greek letter "epsilon", having as bench-mark the cradle of the European civilization. On graphic level this symbol is close to E letter - the first letter of the key word, Europe - crossed in the middle by two parallel lines.

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