17 March 2013

Stamp with 111 faces..



Unique stamp created to bridge gap between traditional and digital world

Swiss Post is launching a stamp featuring the portraits of 111 Swiss people.

Swiss Post bridged the gap between one of its most traditional products, the stamp, and the digital world. An online competition was held to select 111 inhabitants of Switzerland whose faces were further immortalized on a stamp.

Participants had to upload their portrait onto the Swiss Post website or Facebook page until 9 December 2012. Finalists were randomly selected from amongst the uploaded photos.

During the second stage of the competition, finalists were chosen on their own merits. From 21 December 2012 until 2 January 2013 they battled it out in an online game to win one of the 111 places on the stamp. Participants who have successfully earned a place on the virtual stamp by the 2 January 2013 deadline were immortalized on the physical stamp.


New Special Cover : LUPHILEX 2013

Head Post Office Building , Faizabad


: Sandeep Chaurasia from Faizabad

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