16 March 2013

Iris from Latvia…



Date of Issue : 8 March 2013

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Here is a lovely stamp from Latvia featuring beautiful flower Iris, issued on 8 March 2013. I am very much thankful to my friend E N Limanski of Riga, Latvia who sent me its first day cover shown below with a beautiful cancellation. It’s really interesting to note that Iris means rainbow in Greek. it’s a good item for my Rainbow collection too !!

Picture 116

To welcome the coming spring, Latvijas Pasts has released a new stamp depicting an iris as part of the popular Flowers series. Irises have been cultivated for around two thousand years; the plant originates from the Mediterranean region. Approximately 250 species of iris are known in the wild, found in Asia, Europe, North America and North Africa. It is recommended to plant irises in sunny spots, so they are sometimes called children of the sun. Irises have a rich variety of colors - in Ancient Greek, the word iris meant rainbow.

Picture 116

Iris is the fourth stamp in the Flowers series by Latvijas Pasts, which was launched in 2010; the first release in the series was Peony, the second - Rose, and the third - Lily.

Club News


Lucknow Regional Philatelic Exhibition is being held from 16-17 March,2013  at Faizabad (UP). A special cover on Saryu river was issued today.

image image


: Ashwani Dubey from Faizabad


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