18 March 2013

Indian Themes on Foreign stamps…




On 28 January 2013, UNPA issued a "Greetings from New York" personalized stamp sheet. The sheet is composed of ten US$ 1.10 denominated stamps which feature various pictures of United Nations Headquarters. The background of the sheet shows a picture of the UN General Assembly building.

UN 1 UN 2

One of the 1.10 stamp depicts the India Flag.

Kenneth Sequeira – Dubai (UAE)

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New Blogs and Websites

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Rajpipla State Post : http://www.rajpiplapost.com/

The Website has been created by Mr Prashant Pandya of Vadodara.The stamps and Postal History of Rajpipla State  can be viewed on the Website. The Website gives complete details about its stamps postal stationery, Revenue stamps and other philatelic items related with the state. 


Rajpipla is a town in the Narmada district of Gujarat.It was the capital of the former Kingdom of Rajpipla.Rajpipla State, which had an area of 1517 square miles, was founded in about AD.1470 by Chokarana, son of the Raja of Ujjain, who left that place after a quarrel with his father and established himself about 150 miles to the west in the hills at Pipla. Later the capital moved to Nandod - which was renamed Rajpipla in 1947. One of Chokarana's grandsons founded Bhavnagar State in Kathiawar. After the Mogul period of rule the State became tributary to Baroda.

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ITS Postal Auction No.60

Last Date: 13th April 2013

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