14 March 2013

Europa 2013 stamp from Denmark



Danish post issued a stamp and a souvenir featuring new electric bicycle as a part of Europa 2013 series. ‘Postal Vehicles’ is the theme of this year’s EUROPA stamp.

The Danish stamp shows the new three-wheel electric bicycle Post Danmark has developed in collaboration with the Danish bicycle manufacturer Nihola. The electric bicycle has been introduced as part of the efforts to cut Post Danmark’s CO2 emissions by 40% by 2020.

Since 2011, Post Danmark has replaced many of the old bikes with modern electric bikes that make the postmen’s work easier, more efficient and greener. Many of the old, polluting gasoline mopeds have also been retired from service.

These innovative and eco-friendly bikes are adapted to the needs of modern postal delivery. They can carry more mail than traditional postal bikes and are both safer and faster. As an additional benefit, they are very stable even in very bad weather.



Broken and re-touch varieties in the Miniature Sheet of

XI Conference of Parties Convention on Biological Diversity

- Abhai Mishra

During the XI Conference of Parties Convention on Biological Diversity, Hyderabad, four stamps and a miniature sheet was issued on 16th October 2012 depicting “Endemic Species of Indian Biodiversity Hotspot”. Though retouching is commonly observed in the Indian stamps but the miniature sheet of this issue is particularly special. We have recorded, 17 (seventeen) broken and re-touch varieties in just two line of texts at the top of the miniature sheet. This is probably the highest recorded in a single issue and illustrates the poor quality of the printing process.


E, B and H broken


vi (Hindi), N, E and S broken


E, B and O broken


tha (Hindi) Broken




I and S broken

: Abhai Mishra – Dehradun

email : abhai_mishra@rediffmail.com

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