06 July 2010

Stamp on Rainbow Parade..

Date of Issue – 3 July 2010

Club News

Here is an unusual stamp featured above issued by Austrian Post on 3rd July 2010, commemorating the 15th Rainbow Parade in Vienna. This is the first time in the world that a postal authority has issued a special stamp on a gay/lesbian occasion. “Austrian Post has written a philatelic history by issuing a stamp for this event,With a face value of 55 euro cents, the postage for a standard letter or postcard within Austria, 250,000 stamps have been printed.


Rainbow Parade

Gay couples holding hands as they walk through the city fighting for gay rights.Vienna's Rainbow Parade circles the grand boulevards in a demonstration of gay pride, attracting around 100,000 revelers. Numerous floats blast out classical music and the obligatory banging techno. Vienna's trams carry rainbow flags in the run-up to the parade.

The parade route takes in the grand architecture of the Stock Exchange, Vienna University, City Hall and Parliament, leading to the Imperial Palace, where the Rainbow Celebration then gets under way at the Heldenplatz.

New Blog

A new blog has been created by our distinguished member Mr Sekhar Chakrabarty. It is entirely devoted to "Flags at Sea", "Ships & Ship building" and Philately, under the name 'Flags(Au drapeau,Bandeiras) and Stamps ' http://flagsaudrapeaubandeirasandstamps.blogspot.com.

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