30 July 2010

Post Offices with the musical names…

Musical Post Office Page 2

Hi ! Here is a wonderful collection of our distinguished reader Cdr. G Sri Ramarao of Vishakhapatnam. It is a unique  collection of covers with cancellations from Post offices having musical names. It is a novel idea of Cdr G. Sri Ramaroa who is also a great music lover. His love for music & philately has come up with an excellent collection which will be delighted by both music lovers & philatelists.  The collection is a blend of melody and  philately…..In my opinion it might be only collection in the world with the specific collection of special covers with cancellations from musical Post offices as it is not easy to collect covers from all over the world  with  Post offices having name related with music. I highly appreciate the excellent choice of the subject of Cdr. Sri Ramarao and find it best suitable for one frame exhibit ! I wish to share this wonderful collection with all of you. Due to technical problem, complete album of Musical Post offices could not be included in this Post. I will try to publish in next Post…… This is all for Today…..Till Next Post…..Have a Nice Time !


- A specialized exhibit of covers with cancellation from Post offices with musical names by Cdr. G Sri Ramarao,I.N,(Retd.),Vishakhapatnam


The discovery of a post office named ‘MOZART’ (The famous musician) in the province of Saskatchewan in Canada and another named ‘TOSCA’ in the Northern Cape sparked off the idea for this collection of “MUSICAL POST OFFICES’ namely post office cancellations which could be linked to a published musical work through the title of the work of the composer. There are in total 80 special covers collected mostly in 1981 and each of these covers have the title of the musical score same as the name of the post office.

Each envelope bears an excerpt from the musical work and this matches with the cancellation of the post office. Where ever possible, a stamp having to do with music is used on the envelope, and in every case the stamp is the one issued by he country in which the post office is located.

Some examples

Name of the Musical work                                          Name of the post office

(with notation) on the envelope                                   cancellation

Presto                                     -               Presto(penna)

Tosca                                      -               Tosca (Republic of South Africa)

Bridge of Avignon                    -               Avignon(France)

Swan Lake                               -               Swan Lake(Idaho)

Tulips of Amsterdam                -               Amsterdam(Netherlands)

O Little town of Bethelham      -               Bethelham(Israel)

Mozart                                     -               Mozart(Canada)

Grand March by Verdi               -                Verdi(Minnesota)

Chicago                                    -               Chicago(Illinois)

These are in total 80 envelopes with postal cancellations of post offices in various countries.

Some post masters in replying to the request for the official cancellation, also provided information regarding the naming of the town(post office) where such information is given it is shown in the relevant page. The post masters were kind enough to take personal interest to provide excellent and clear cancellations on the envelopes and musical scores.

Musical Postoffice 1

Musical Post Office Page 3

Musical Post Office Page 3


Musical Post Office 6

Musical Post Office 6


Musical Post Office 8

Musical Post Office 8


Musical Post Office 11 001

Musical Post Office 10


Cdr G.Sri Ramarao may be contacted at e - mail : sriramarao@gmail.com

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