08 July 2010

New Stamps from India

Indian Naval air squadron 300 - 50 Years

Date of Issue - 7 July 2010

House Sparrow Stamp

Hi ! here are some recent Indian Issues . Tomorrow, India Post will issue a set of stamps on Sparrow and Pigeons. Here are some interesting links for Nature Lovers. In my morning Post, I wrote about special cover issued by HP circle on Queen’s Baton Relay…..There was a mistake in Hindi spelling of Relay on the cancellation. The same mistake can be seen on Miniature Sheet of this issue too…I received a comment from my reader Niket Bubna from US..on the same issue…Yes Niket you are absolutely right in your point…such mistakes can be easily avoided if checked by experts timely before finalizing the design of stamp / cancellation. This is a negligence by India Post as spelling mistakes in Hindi are often seen on stamps and postmarks ! It must not happen in future…..It is a disgrace to our National Language ! My thanks to Stamps of India & N. Kalyani for today’s Post. This is all in this Post….Till Next Post….Have a Nice Time !…..

Just for Nature Lovers !




World Classical Tamil Conference – Kovali - 2010

Date of Issue – 27 June 2010


Kumaraguruparar Swamigal

Date of Issue – 27 June 2010

2135 Relay


Queen’s Baton Relay

Date of Issue – 25 June 2010

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