30 January 2014

Tributes to Mahatma Gandhi



Today is death anniversary of Mahatma Gandhi. Philatelic Tributes to the Father of Nation !!

30th January is observed as Martyrs’ Day. It is the date observed at the national level. The date was chosen as it marks the assassination of Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi in 1948. On Martyr’s Day the president, the vice president, the prime minister, the defence minister, and the three Service Chiefs gather at the samadhi at Raj Ghat memorial and lay wreaths decorated with multi-colour flowers. The armed forces personnel blow bugles sounding the Last Post. The inter-services contingent reverse arms as a mark of respect. A two-minute silence in memory of the Father of the Nation and other martyrs is observed throughout the country at 11 AM. Participants hold all-religion prayers and sing tributary bhajan.

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Nation pays homage to Mahatma Gandhi

Cover from Dharsana


Thanks to Mr M. Gulrez, Allahabad

Dharasana Satyagraha was a protest against the British salt tax in colonial India in May, 1930. Following the conclusion of the Salt March to Dandi, Mahatma Gandhi chose a non-violent raid of the Dharasana Salt Works in Gujarat as the next protest against British rule. Hundreds of satyagrahis were beaten by soldiers under British command at Dharasana. The ensuing publicity attracted world attention to the Indian independence movement and brought into question the legitimacy of British rule in India.

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