16 January 2014

New Love stamp from USA



US Postal Service will issue a beautiful  “Cut paper heart stamp”   on 21st January 2014 for this year’s Valentine’s Day Greetings.


The romance of the Love stamp series continues with the Cut Paper Heart Digital Color Postmark. This First Day Cover  features an affixed Cut Paper Heart Forever® stamp. The whimsical digital illustration depicts a red square with “pinked” edges — as if cut with pinking shears — containing a large, pink heart surrounded by pink swirls and smaller red hearts.


The color postmark features the stamp title surrounded by a flower-like formation of familiar folded-and-cut red paper hearts, accented with green hearts resembling the flower's leaves. Also included are the official First Day of Issue date and location for the stamp.

Valentine’s Day Postmark from Loveland



"A unique design created by a local artist and selected via a competitive contest is stamped on the outside of all Valentine envelopes and re-mailed from the Sweetheart City,  "More than 200,000 cards and letters were handled last year, from more than 100 countries and every state in the Union.
"Since the start of the program in 1947, more than 12 million Valentines have been re-mailed by Loveland.
"To have cards and letters re-mailed with the Loveland postmark, properly stamp and address each individual Valentine and put them all in a larger, stamped envelope and mail them to:

Valentine Re-mailing
446 E. 29th St.
Loveland, CO 80538

"Deadlines for re-mailing and delivery by Valentine’s Day, Feb. 14:
•Feb. 4: Outside of the U.S. to other countries and international destinations
•Feb. 10: Within the U.S. and outside of Colorado
•Feb. 11: Within the state of Colorado"

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