17 January 2014

Decorative applied art on stamps..


Date of Issue : 4 January 2014

The post of the Republic of Belarus is issued  2 stamps “Gobelins” from the series “Decorative applied art” on 4th January 2014 with sheetlets having decorative margins.. The stamps are so beautiful with nice cancellation provided on FDC.


A gobelin is a carpet-painting that is hand woven according to a picturesque drawing sample on cardboard. It is also a type of artistic textile. In Belarus gobelin weaving appeared in the 18th century under the influenceof Western Europe.

image image

A special cancellation on FDC was alsoe carried out.


The gobelins featured on the stamps are: “Hoarfrost”, 1988. Wool, hand weaving, 100×100. By the craftsman Galina Stasevich (born 1948); “Horses”, 1997. Wool, half-wool, hand weaving, 116×134,5. By the craftsman Larisa Gustova (born 1947). Both works are located in the decorative applied arts collection of the National Art Museum of the Republic of Belarus.


The stamps were prepared in collaboration with the National Art Museum of the Republic of Belarus.

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