30 January 2014

New stamp from India…



International Year of Crystallography


Date of Issue : 30 January 2014

India Post released a Rs 20 stamp on International year of Crystallography on 30th January 2014.

Image Courtesy : Mansoor B. – Mangalore


image image

Stamp release ceremony at Bangalore



Photo Credit : Jagannath Mani - Bangalore


The United Nations (UN) has declared 2014 as the International Year of Crystallography (IYCr2014).IYCr2014 aims to increase public awareness of the importance of crystallography, which is the branch of science that studies the formation and structure of crystals.

Club News

RAIPEX-2014 at Raipur
Chhattisgarh Circle of India Post is going to organise a division level philatelic exhibition in Raipur from 31st Jan to 2nd Feb2014 at Town hall Raipur.This will be organised along with Philatelic council of Raipur & Chhattisgarh philatelic society.This exhibition is divided into competitive  and invitee class. There is no entry fees.  During this exhibition one special cover on Budhism depicting  Sirpur  a heritage place recently visited by Dalai Lama and one  booklet on GANDHI containing one Philately Day MS will be issued.

- Dr. Pradeep Jain - Balod (C.G.)

3 Seasons of Ukraine

Here are 3 seasons of ukraine featured on MS issued in year 2011, 1012 & 2013.

Generous Ukraine - Spring"


Date of Issue : 25.11.2011

The unit consists of six stamps, which depicts a young woman symbolizing spring. Bouquet of mimosa in one hand, blooming apple tree branch with a bird sitting on it in the other hand, snowdrops at the feet, lilies and daffodils, tulips and jasmine - all that can be enjoyed in the spring. The block looks bright and rich, but at the same time very gentle and not intrusive like springtime. In the background - unique awakened from severe frosts Ukrainian nature.

"Generous Ukraine - Summer"


Date of Issue : 01.09.2012

The unit consists of four stamps, which depicts a young woman symbolizing summer. They show the French marigold (Tagetes patula), common hollyhock (Alcea rosea), wild strawberry (Fragaria vescа), sour cherry (Cerasus vulgaris). This unit won the 6th place in WIPA among 70 countries-members of exhibition in 2013.

" Generous Ukraine – Autumn "


Date of Issue : 14.10.2013

The unit consists of four stamps, which depicts a young woman symbolizing autumn. The stamps are: rowan (Sorbus aucuparia), watermelon (Сitrullus lanatus),  georgina (Dahlia), penny bun (Boletus edulis).

Courtesy : Shrikant Parikh – Ahmdabad

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