27 January 2014

Silver stamps with diamonds from Nederland




Here are unique stamps to be issued by Nederland Post. The stamps are extraordinary made of pure Silver and Diamonds to attract the collectors . It’s a nice item for the collectors  of unique and extraordinary stamps.

Since April 30, 2013 Willem-Alexander is King of the Netherlands. To mark this event the Dutch Postal Authority (PostNL) together with the Royal Dutch Mint designed and produced a series of 10 legal tender stamps representing the portrait of King Willem-Alexander depicted in the format of Minted Photo Image (MPI) and 3D relief, with a rose cut diamond attached, and 9 other ruling European Monarchs. All the stamps are made of pure silver with a small diamond added.

Burgos as the Spanish Capital of Gastronomy for 2013

Here is a beautiful stamp from Spain featuring some popular dishes from Spain. Spanish cuisine  is a big tourist attraction in Spain. The stamp depicts a still-life of typical dishes such as black pudding, olla podrida, made with pinto beans, chorizo sausage and lamb, a variety of cheeses and a glass of local wine.


A jury consisting of eleven experts on gastronomy and tourism has chosen Burgos as the Spanish Capital of Gastronomy for 2013, a stamp was issued by Spanish Correos in this regard. The nomination is backed up by the prestigious US newspaper, the New York Times, which considered Burgos to be the Best Tourist Destination in Spain in 2013 and 25th in the world.

The culinary venture came into being in 2011, when the Spanish Catering Federation and the Spanish Tourism Journalists and Writers Federation decided to promote gastronomy as a tourist attraction in Spain and abroad. The award recognises that the quality of the city’s gastronomy excels in all aspects, from creative cooking to the wealth of products.

During this gourmet year there have been competitions for savoury tapas (snacks) and sweet tapas made with local liqueurs; also an artisan cheese contest, organized by the Spanish Cheese-makers’ Network, with over 150 varieties sent in from all over Spain, 24 of which were protected Designations of Origin.

The gastronomy of Burgos offers a wide range of local products that are outstanding for their quality. Therefore, it is no secret in the city that you can enjoy a tasty tapa or delicious set meal, washed down with wine from the Ribera del Duero or D.O. Arlanza.

As well as gastronomy, Burgos invites you to admire the art of its Gothic cathedral, a World Heritage Site, the arches and gates entering the old town, pedestrian streets, tree-lined walks and the most surprising spots. As for culture, there is the Museum of Human Evolution taking you on a journey to the past and the origins of man in Europe, with a display of the remains found in the archaeological site of Atapuerca.

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