28 January 2014

Heartwarming stamps from Hong Kong….



A set of special stamps on the “Heartwarming” theme was released by Hong Kong Post.The “Love and Care” stamps depict a family of three with heart-shaped balloons and a flower. Hand in hand, they are happy together. Against the background of a magnificent fireworks display, the “Celebrations” stamps portray people drinking a toast on a joyous occasion. The “Birthday/Newborn” stamps feature colourful pennants, myriad gifts and exquisite cakes for celebrating birthdays or the arrival of newborn.

Delicacies from Taiwan…


Chunghwa Post is issuing a set of four stamps, featuring popular gift-packaged desserts. Each stamp is denominated at NT$5.

The designs follow:

1. Pineapple Shortcrust Pastry: the aromatic and soft skin of this pastry is made of shortcrust pastry dough, butter, eggs, and sugar. The filling comes in a wide variety, the most common being white gourd and pineapple jams. This dessert promises a party in the mouth. For the people of Taiwan, the pastry’s popularity transcends time and age.

2. Mochi: made of glutinous rice, the dessert is savory and chewy. Plain mochi is eaten with a coat of redolent, powdered peanut. Or one can choose mochi with filling, which ranges from red bean, peanut, or sesame pastes, and is ubiquitously delicious. The dessert offers a multiplicity of texture.

3. Sun Cake: the filling of this time-honored pastry comprises maltose, with golden-crispy crusts. The crusts are flaky, rich and exquisite; the maltose, on the other hand, leaves a sweet, addictive aftertaste.

4. Egg Yolk Pastry: The red bean or jujube paste is stuffed with a salty, delectable egg yolk. The filling is then tucked into rich, full-flavored pastry crust. A pinch of sesame is sprinkled on the dessert. The combination of sweetness and saltiness is absolutely ambrosial.


Club News

Special Cover on Golden Jubilee of Goa State Assembly (Vidhan Sabha)


The Goa state assembly celebrated its Golden Jubilee on 9th January 2014. The programme held at Kala Academy where all four surviving MLAs of the first Goa legislative assembly of 1964 - Atchut Usgaonkar, Gajanan Raiker, Mohammed Ali Jiwani and Theotonio Pereira were felicitated. A book, 'history of the official language' by Suhas Belekar and a reference book 'Architects of Goa Vidhan Sabha" comprising the profiles of all Goan legislators were released at the function. A Special Cover on the Goa legislative assembly was released at the function by the department of posts on 9th January 2014.

Courtesy : Indian Philately Digest

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