31 January 2014

Ceramics from Netherlands….



Date of Issue : 27 January 2014

Here are new stamps from Netherlands . This Beautiful Netherlands 2014 series contains images of ceramic products from various cities in the Netherlands.On each of the five identical stamps shown above are ceramics from Loosdrecht is a detail of one of the signs of Loosdrecht porcelain that are depicted on the stamp.



On each of the five identical stamps  ceramics Tegelen is a detail of one of the ceramic pieces from Tegelen that are depicted on the stamp derived.

Ceramics from Tegelen and Loosdrecht

For these stamps, designer Rutger Fuchs searched for special details that are so characteristic of these ceramic cities. Fuchs found this in Tegelen in a ceramic item of the young boy with a bird cage in his right hand and a bird in the left. “Here you see how many different techniques the Tegelen ceramic painters had mastered.”

Fuchs found the characteristic Loosdrecht porcelain element in the beautiful depiction of the branch with pink-red roses and green leaves. “The craftsmanship of the Loosdrecht porcelain painters emerges in the subtle colour shading.”

Together with Gracia Lebbink, Rutger Fuchs had previously designed the book series, Delft pottery: history of a national product, for The Hague Municipal Museum and publisher Waanders.


Sheetlet Paparazzo

A new sheetlet will be issued by Netherlands Post featuring cartoon character, Paparazzo.


Date of Issue : 1 February 2014

From now PostNL has her own cartoon character: Paparazzo. Paparazzo each month at a major event for the Netherlands, and is doing a funny way of reporting. This time paparazzi at the European Championships in Hamar Skating.


From our Readers…

Warwick's Electric Theatre

Today's Times Of India published a nice article  on Warwick's Electric Theatre., which is now current Philatelic Bureau of Chennai. Mr Mohan V Raman, a  SIPA Life member,   has brought out this said subject cover in 2000 itself. Moreover this is venue of SIPA's 2nd Sunday monthly meeting for many years. Mr Theodaore Bhaskaran, Retired PMG, who was instrumental in preserving this monument.



- Mahesh Parekh  - Chennai

( South India Philatelists’ Association )

Press Clippings



The City’s First Electric Cinema Theatre Now Serves As Its Philatelic Bureau But Little Is Being Done To Restore The Structure


Heritage buildings aren't just pretty structures they're testimony to the traditions of a time past and to outstanding workmanship.Without a legal framework to protect them,were in danger of losing these stories of our roots

Its close to 100 years since the quaint red and white building,now housing the Philatelic Bureau on Anna Salai,was bought by the Postal and Telegraph Department after Warwick Major closed the city's first electric theatre that operated there.Either way,nothing on campus marks the milestone.

A plaque says the building was constructed in 1900 by Warwick Major as an electric theatre and that it was the first ever cinema house in south India.This building was bought by the P&T Department.For many years it housed the Mount Road Post Office, it reads.

There is little to peddle its cause from the outside: Experts describe it as a typical colonial office building,whose character has been changed extensively for practical purposes.Its old,but not too old.And,the buildings historical significance is greater than its architectural importance, said S Suresh of INTACH.In its heydays,the bureau one of the oldest in the country was among the biggest.Chennai has a long and vibrant philatelic tradition, said Suresh.With interest in philately waning,the bureau has lost much of its significance.

Read the whole article…

- Times of India 31st January 2014

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