21 January 2014

Europa 2014 stamp from Liechtenstein..



Date of Issue  : 10 March 2014

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Here is beautiful stamp featuring traditional drum from  Liechtenstein  to be issued by Liechtenstein Post for this year’s Europa themeb0n 10 March 2014. The first day  cancellation is beautiful  with drum sticks. It is a nice collectible item for Music lovers and those collecting stamps on ‘Music’ theme.

Every year, Member States of the Organization of European postal operators, Posteurop issues stamps on a common theme . 2014, has its focus on traditional musical instruments. The  Liechtenstein Post has chosen for this year's Europa stamp a historical "drum" (face value CHF 1.40). In the background of the designed Armin Hoop special brand are the notes of a drum prank called "French-Tagwacht".


The first day  postmark with drum sticks

The Landsknechttrommel from the period around 1760 was one of the Liechtenstein Guard and was made by an unknown master. It is now in the possession of the Collections of the Prince of Liechtenstein; she had acquired Prince Joseph Wenzel I von Liechtenstein (1696-1772). With its nearly 45 inches high, striking brass body, showing the coat of arms of the Princely House of Liechtenstein, lifts it up visually from the then customary wooden drums. With the elevation to the rank of prince the Liechtenstein family received at the beginning of the 17th Century, among others, the right to establish an armed guard. In the 18th Century, these Guard, the fashion of the time was following, transformed into a grenadier company, the 1773 had a level of sixty men, a sergeant, two corporals and a drummer. When Prince John I. 1805, the government took, he dissolved the grenadier company for reasons of cost and kept only some Guard Riders at.

The drums after mercenary tradition have been used for centuries for military purposes. They were an indispensable tool for the daily operations of the army. The task of the drummers was to provide means of various drum tricks signals and to mark with their muffled sound the march rhythm. Countless commands - from the appeal on everyday activities, to attack and retreat - were communicated by the drummers. In addition, they gave also the pace at marches. This varied 88-132 steps per minute.

Club News



The Kollam District Level Exhibition will be inaugurated by Shri. B.Mohanan IAS, District Collector, Kollam at 10.00 am on 22.01.2014. Two special covers will be released on 22-01-2014 and 23-01-2014. The themes are Kollam Public Library & Research Centre and Sasthamcottah Fresh Water Lake. There is a counter for My Stamp. The exhibition timing is 11 am to 5 pm. After 5.00 pm various Cultural Programmes are organised. The valedictory function will begin at 4.00 pm on 23.01.2014 presided by Smt.vShanthi .S. Nair, Chief Postmaster General, Kerala Circle.

- P.Mohanachandran Nair -Thiruvananthapuram

Chenspex 2014 , Chennai

India Post will organise a district level Philatelic Exhibition for Children 'Chenspex 2014' at Chennai.
Venue: Dr. MGR Janaki College, Durgabhai Deshmukh Road, Chennai.
Date: 25th - 26th January, 2014

: Indian Philately Digest

Year Book of Indian Philately - 2013 edition

Dear Friend,

It is a great pleasure to announce the publication of the 2013 edition of the “Year Book of Indian Philately” which is in the final stages of the preparations and is expected to be out by March 2014.

The Year Book has established itself as a very much sought after publication on philately with special focus on Indian Philately, by virtue of the contents it carries in every edition. Collection of serious and sincere texts and articles on a spectrum of philatelic subjects by learned authors, with lasting impact & universal appeal has made this Year Book, a must for every sincere philatelist’s bookshelf.

The recognition it has acclaimed at the International Philatelic Exhibitions is an undeniable proof of this fact. As a matter of a record the Year Book has won a medal at EVERY Philatelic Exhibition it has participated in so far !!! The latest are 2 in 2013, a Bronze at BRASILIANA 2013 at Rio de Janeiro, Brazil ; and a Large Vermeil at the MAPPEX 2013, Madhya Pradesh State Philatelic Exhibition held at Bhopal. Incidently the Large Vermeil was the highest medal awarded at the Mappex. Apart from this, Silver medal at the IPhLA 2012 in Germany, the World’s Largest & Specialised Philatelic Literature Competition also shines as a golden feather in the cap of the publication. We strive to continue this legacy with the coming editions too, including the edition under discussion, the 2013 edition.

The ensuing 2013 edition also reflects the tradition of being serious, sincere & interesting. The issue is supposed contains articles on important subjects like “Indo-Pak Philately”, “Azad Hind”, “Indian telegraphs”, “Gandhi 1948”, “ Indian Watermarks”, “Unusual Stamps” and the like, by our illustrious contributing authors, including regular features recording history, events & issues for the concerning year. The list is tentative but chances are for expansion of it.

Like last year, we have designed a special opportunity for our philatelic professional friends for inclusion of their advertisement in this edition too. This opportunity eliminates the total “cost” of the advertisement published in the Year Book. It follows.

We will provide the advertiser, copies of the Year Book editions (any of his choice, subject to availability), worth equal to the value of the advertisement he provides (T&C applied). This translates into absolutely no spending on account of the advertisement published in the Year Book. The advertiser will have the opportunity to recover the entire cost of the advertisement by selling the copies of the Year Book allotted to him under this unique offer.

This arrangement makes the offer an undeniable opportunity for the advertisers to advertise their services / products in this world class journal with a universal appeal. Your advertisement in the Year Book of Indian Philately will reach a large number of serious and capable segments of the Philatelic fraternity the world over and will be preserved as a solid reference for the times to come? In every sense of the word this is a unique & unparalleled opportunity for an advertiser of any reputed product or service, philatelic or otherwise.

And yes, this will help us, greatly, to make the publication still better.

We are sure you would not let this opportunity go. If you have any other query about this, please do not hesitate to mail.

Looking forward for a positive, encouraging and prompt response from your end.

Thanking you, sincerely,

Madan Middha

Publisher / Editor email : madan_middha@yahoo.co.in


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