16 March 2012

Special Cover on Station X Bletchley Park, UK


Station X coversml

Station X goes under cover

Envelopes bearing a new stamp cancelled on the first day of issue are very collectable. Many are purchased to create displays and conversation pieces. But the one being released from Bletchley Park on April 10th for Royal Mail’s new “Station X “stamp will be even more so. “Station X” was the designation given to Bletchley Park by MI6 during World War Two. In reality a tiny room below the water tower on the mansion roof chosen because the extensive lead piping amplified radio signals. This enabled MI6 to maintain radio contact with agents from Norway to North Africa unknown to Bletchley Park’s code breakers.

Station X coversml

A specially commissioned illustration by Rebecca Peacock features Bletchley Park’s iconic mansion as the backdrop for the 1st class “Station X” stamp. A Bletchley Park first day of issue postmark based on Enigma machine keys completes the unique combination. With only 1000 being issued these little pieces of art and history could be worth considerably more than their £9.99 GBP issue price.

And they are only available direct from Bletchley Park with a preview available on the www.bletchleycovers.com web site, by calling +44 (0) 1908 363489 or writing to Bletchley Park Post Office, Bletchley Park, MK3 6EB.

Contact : Terry Mitchell, Bletchley Park Post Office, 01604 781440, terry@ltmp.co.uk

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