23 March 2012

Children’s books on stamps…



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Here is a beautiful miniature sheet to be issued by Israel Post featuring eight classic Israeli children's books. The stamps are beautiful with special marginal tabs which are specialty of Israeli stamps and make a good collecting item for thematic philatelists.This souvenir sheet is very nice and sure to be liked very much by children.

This series is made up of eight classic Israeli children's books. They have become a common cultural denominator for two and even three generations of Israelis, from the first book in the series, "Come to Me, Nice Butterfly", which was published in 1945 through "Itamar Walks on Walls", which came out in 1986.

All of these books are geared toward toddlers who cannot yet read. As parents and grandparents read them to today's toddlers, they may reminisce about their own childhoods, enjoying the same stories they did when they themselves were children. All of these books have most definitely withstood the test of time.

Stamps on Health Tourism

Spas series of postage stamps

Magyar Posta  issued a new stamp series  on Health Tourism – Spas with two new denominations. The philatelic novelties depict characteristic interior and exterior details of Budapest's Király and Rudas Baths. The graphics of the first day covers and the postmarks are decorated with compositions related to the baths. Read More…

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: Ashwani Dubey - Gorakhpur

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