09 March 2012

Post offices in Bahamas…

                                                                                  - Sudhir Jain

1_bahamas_post_logo 2_First Postoffice of Bahamas

First Post Office in Bahamas

Recently I had visited beautiful country Bahamas. Commonwealth of the Bahamas is a small country consisting of more than 2000 islands, out of which only 27 have life. It is located in the Atlantic Ocean north of Cuba, Orth west of the Turks and Calicos Islands, and southeast of the United States (nearest to the Florida).

4_3Postoffice at Ship Station Nassau

Post Office at ship station, Nassau

It’s land area is only 13,939 km2 with a population of approx 35 lacs only. Nassau is the capital and Paradise Island is the biggest attraction. Tourist is the chief industry here.

5_Eleuthera Post Office 

Eleuthra Post office

Bahamas became a Crown Colony in 1718 and got independence in the year 1973.Bahamas has total 1234 Post Offices and apart from the Post Offices,Tourist kiosks also sell stamps.

3_GPO Nassau

GPO Nassau


Cable Beech Post office

Bahamian Dollar and Cent are the official currencies here but now-a-days US Dollar and US coins are more in use here. One Bahamian Dollar is equal to one US Dollar. Minimum postage for a letter or postcard for anywhere at Bahamas, USA,Canada & West Indies is $0.65 and for other countries $0.80. Use of British postage stamps began here in April 1858 and Bahamas issued its own stamps beginning 10 June 1859.

Bahamas Letterbox Old1     Bahamas Letterbox New1     Bahamas Letterbox New

Bahamas letterbox New & old


New stamps on Gandhi from Mozambique

image      image

image        image


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