06 March 2012

New Books on coins and stamps…




COINS OF INDIA  - Specialized Study with Current Prices (1835 - 2012)

A new book  Coins of India by Prof VK Gupta, Neha Gupta and Varun Nischal is being released on 23rd March,2012, the day when Delhi Coin Society Fair will start. It contains 344 pages, nearly 4,000 listings with current average market prices (Which is a unique feature), over 770 images, 4 appendices, bibliography and index.The book is priced 1,600/-, $60. with special price upto 25th March 2012- Rs 1350/-. 


image Books by Prof. (Dr.) V. K. Gupta

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• Coins of India Specialized Study with Valuation (1835- 2012). pp. 344, nearly 4,000 listings, over 770 images. Index.Art Paper,4colours,Hard Bound.Rs.1,600.$60. Post Free.

• Conservation Restoration and Philatelic Chemistry : Be Awakened my F.I.P., ( Fédération Internationale de Philatélie) pp. 208, Index. Genuine Leather Bound Rs 3, 600/-. Hardbound Rs. 1,500. (A dot yourself book for conducting workshops).

• Kautilīya Arthaśastra. A Legal,Critical and Analytical Study. Pp.474,Index.Hardbound.Rs1,250.

• Thematic Philately. pp. 192. Index. Hard Bound Rs 250. (Out of Print)

• Gwalior Postal History and Stamps (1837-1950). pp.210, Index.Genuine leather bound.Rs300(Out of Print)

Published By
Prof.(Dr.)Vijay Kumar Gupta
140, S.F.S.Flats,Ashok Vihar, Phase-4.
Mob:+91-9810955593,Ph:+91-11-27305000,+91-11- 27302506
Email: profvkg@gmail.com  , profvkg@yahoo.co.in

A book on  of postal stamps on folk arts


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A Book on folk arts " Anche Janapada"


A Book on folk arts " Anche Janapada", A collection of postal stamps of various countries related to folk arts by well known  philatelist Mr M. R. Prabhakar and published by Karnataka Janapada Academy Bangalore has been released and kept for scale at Karnataka Janapada Academy .The cost of the book is 150/-
Mr M.R Prabhakar is  well known as A   philatelist and he had conducted many exhibitions in rural area .
- Jagannath Mani, Bangalore 

email : jagannath_mani7@yahoo.co.in    Blog : www.olympicgamesphilately.blogspot.com

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