14 March 2012

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Special Commemorative cover ( Private )

150th Birth Anniversary of Maharaja Sayajirao Gaekwad III of Baroda

11 March Private Cover

On 11th March, Vadodara Celebrated 150th Birth Anniversary of Maharaja Sayajirao Gaekwad III of Baroda. Mr Prashant Pandya of Vadodara  prepared a commemorative cover on this occasion. The cover shown above was mailed on 11th March by Speed Post from Sayajigunj Speed Post Center.


Operation “Black Buck” stamp issue

On April 30th 1982 Operation “Black Buck” commenced to remove Port Stanley airfield in the Falklands from effective use by occupying enemy forces. It was the only time that Vulcan bombers flew in anger. They also broke the world record at the time for the longest ever bombing mission taking 15 hours and 45 minutes to cover nearly 8000 miles.

Vulcan1BCS x

To commemorate the 30th anniversary of “Black Buck” the Vulcan to the Sky Trust has teamed up with Bletchley Park Post Office. Together they will issue a specially designed set of postage stamps for use as a collector’s item and display piece. Ten Royal Mail stamps with images of the iconic bomber are set against a Falkland Islands backdrop. Descriptive text around the border provides detail on the mission and each sheet is individually numbered.

The issue is limited to 558 sheets to match the number of the only flying Vulcan XH 558. They will also be flown in the Vulcan for the Diamond Jubilee celebrations. Proceeds from the issue of just £35 will go towards keeping XH 558 the only flying Vulcan airborne. These unique stamp sheets are only available direct from the Vulcan to the Sky Trust or Bletchley Park Post Office and will be released to the public after 30th April 2012.

Contact : www.vulcantothesky.org  Tel: 0845 5046 558. www.bletchleycovers.com Tel: 01908 363489/631797. For Bletchley Park Post Office, Terry Mitchell, terry@ltmp.co.uk,

01604 781440, mobile: 07850 068674.

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