03 March 2012

New Europa 2012 stamp…


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Date of Issue : 13 April 2012

The Norway Post will issue a set of 3 Stamps on 13 April 1012 on Europa 2012 theme ( Visit….) . Two stamps bear official Europa logo.

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Club News

Top cop honored in a special way…..



Mr Ajit Dash of Bhubaneshwar  designed a private special cover on  Director-cum DG of Police, Vigilance who retired on 29.02.2012. The cover was released at a function held at Vigilance Headquarters which was attended by several senior Police Officers and other officers and staff of vigilance Directorate.The DGP had given his autograph on the cover. This is the first of its kind that any private cover has been released on any top cop of any state. Due to trade union strike on 28.02.2012 no covers could be sent any where from the post offices on that day. So  the date cancellation of BBSR GPO of 28.02.2012 was put on the covers.


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