13 March 2012

Australian Water Birds…



Date of Issue : 6 March 2012

There are 28 species of ducks found in Australia, 10 of these are endemic to Australia.


The Radjah Shelduck is a distinctive bird, with its white head, neck, underbelly and eye, and its rich chestnut neck band and back. It is sensitive to human incursions into its habitat, which has led to a decline in its numbers over recent decades.

The Pink-eared Duck attracts much interest for its singularity. Named for the pink area behind each eye, it is a curious looking bird, with fine black and white bars across its body, a dark back and patch over each eye, and a large spatula-like bill. The plumage of males and females is identical.

The Australian Shelduck has glossy black plumage, a chestnut breast and lower back, and iridescent green speculum. The male's head is completely black, but the female has a white ring around her eye and beak. It mostly occupies Australia's more southerly regions.

The Plumed Whistling-Duck has a mainly pink bill and legs, a white belly and long, upswept flank plumes. This tropical duck is highly nomadic, particularly between coastal and interior plains. It is fairly common across northern Australia and east down the coast to the Murray River.

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