14 March 2012

New stamps from Czech Republic..


Beauties of Czech Republic : Kuks Chateau


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Date of Issue : 7 March 2012

Hi Here are some recent stamps from Czech Republic featuring the theme Tourism. All the stamps in this issue are beautiful and perfect for those collecting stamps on Tourism!!


Kuks, one of the most beautiful Czech sites, is located in the lovely area below the Krkonoše Mountains, 5 km far from Dvůr Králové. Count Franz Anton von Sporck built his own residence of Kuks in 1694-1724; it became the centre of his entire estate. The site was chosen after medical tests revealed the presence of healing mineral springs; the name Kuks (also known as Kux) was chosen by the founder in memory of gold mines whose traces were discovered locally.

The Labe river forms the axis of the site. Secular buildings were located on the left bank, religious buildings on the right bank. Additional structures include gardens, sculptures, fountains, and a bridge (today a technical monument) connecting both banks.

Beauties of Czech Republic : Matthias B. Braun´s Statues at Kuks


Date of Issue : 7 March 2012

Sculptures are the highlight of Kuks. A range of sculptures are on display in the hospital garden; they include the statues of dwarves originally installed at the race course. But the main attraction is a gallery of the 12 statues of Virtues (Faith, Hope, Charity, Patience, Prudence, Bravery, Chastity, Diligence, Generosity, Candour, Justice, Hospitality) and the 12 statues of Vices (Pride, Greed, Lust, Envy, Gluttony, Wrath, Sloth, Despair, Slander, Guile, Deceit) made - with the exception of a fake statue by B. Seeling of 1833 - by M.B. Braun in 1715-18. Other sculptures can also be seen at the site. Another set of statues made by M.B. Braun and his pupils are hiding among the trees on a hill ridge between the Stanovice and Hřibojedy villages, some 3 km west of Kuks; the statues sculpted in 1726-33 were named Bethlehem after the central motif. The best known of them is the statue of the hermit Onuphrius, a penitent giant figure bent over a human skull; a replica of the statue represented the Czech Republic with success at the Osaka World Expo.

The Regional Stamp "A" - with coupons for additional printing


To be issued on 21 March 2012

The regional stamp features a tourist in front of a signpost. The stamp comes out as part of an arranged print sheet of 9 stamps and 12 coupons. The right-hand margin of the print sheet contains three coupons with these motifs: a couple of tourists carrying a signpost, hiking father and son sitting on a signpost, and a female tourist watering a signpost. The coupons published as of the date of issue portray a hiker with a signpost over his shoulder.

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