08 November 2011

My recent covers..

Cover from Singapore

Picture 006

Edmund Ong, Singapore

Hi ! I just received a cover from Singapore sent by my blogger friend Edmund with a beautiful INDIPEX 2011 souvenir sheet. Thanks Edmund !! I will post you cover on 11.11.11. Me Hemant Jain and Vijay Mode sent me special 1.11.11 post cards. Mr Modi prepared a special card with my photo….Many thanks ….Thanks to all of you for nice cover and cards !

Special 1.11.11 post cards

 Picture 006

Hemant Jain, Mandla (MP)

Picture 006

Vijay Modi, Himmatnagar – Gujarat

Picture 006 

Copy of thanks


Now get ready to post letters to your friends on 11.11.11



Cover prepared by Prof V.S. Yalvigi – Bangalore For more details contact at email : vsyal2001@yahoo.com See all 4 covers


Here I am sharing my Rainbow Collection that I put in 16 sheets to make a small one frame collection !!


Picture 004 

Picture 005

Picture 006

Picture 007

To be continued…..


If any one wishes to exchange  philatelic items on Rainbow …..is most welcome !!

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