01 November 2011

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Festivals of India – Chhath

Nepal’s postage stamps on Chhath: leave Indian philately far behind!



Date of Issue : December 31st, 2009

What the Chhath devotee may find heartwarming is that neighbouring Nepal has stamps for Chhath already beating India by several years by issuing postage stamps in the name of Chhath festival in 2009 itself. Nepal did this as part of their ‘culture’ series giving the terai [plains] people of Nepal their due. Chhath is however not confined to the plains region anymore but celebrated widely in Kathmandu as well due to the large presence of the plains population in the Nepal capital.  According to a report in the Nepal press, during this festival, devotes gather at the water bodies of Kathmandu – Rani Pokhari, Gauri Ghat, Manohara River and Bagmati River are some of the popular areas where the people gather to mark this amazing festival. According to Bijaya Kumar Karna, Spokesperson of Tarai Sanskriti Pratisthan, that will be organising this year’s festival in Rani Pokhari, around 40,000 people residing in Kathmandu celebrate this festival here.

According to a report, years ago Pradip Jain, a member of the Indian Philately Advisory Society had suggested issuing of stamps on Chhath to the Postal Department of the Indian government. But no action has been taken so far on this.

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Chhath on Nepal Stamps – Hindustan Times 31 Oct. 2011

: Pradip Jain,Patna

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