16 November 2011

New Stamps on Christmas..



As  Christmas is arriving many countries are issuing special stamps for this festive occasion. Here are new Christmas stamps from Hungary and Iceland.

The motifs of these Iceland Post's Christmas stamps are based on goldwork embroidery, a rich national heritage involving techniques used for Icelandic national costumes.

Goldwork is the art of embroidery using silver and gold threads. Reference is also made to skattering, an old Icelandic method of embroidering, often used for colourful flower patterns.



Magyar Posta is issuing a set of postage stamps to celebrate Christmas. In 2011 the festive stamps show two Catholic churches with Nativity scenes that are unique both in Hungarian and world terms.

The Nagykaracsony church is on the left of the HUF 90 stamp, and next to it is a detail of the largest outdoor Nativity scene in Hungary, which is to be found in Nagykaracsony. The Roman Catholic church in Vors is on the left of the HUF 115 stamp, with a detail of the largest indoor Nativity scene in Europe, which is rebuilt every year, next to it.

Gold-colour foil has been used for the inscription Karacsony (Christmas) and other decorative motifs on the stamps. 

FDCs of Indian Miniature Sheets

The series FDCs of Indian Miniature Sheets by  Hemant Kumar Jain of Mandla (MP) was published earlier. It is resumed with further issues of MS.Earlier issues could be seen with label Miniature sheets of India .

(70)19 june 2009 Raza Library Rampur

Rampur raza Library – 19 June 2009

(71)27 july 2009 Jayadeva & Geetagovinda 

(71)27 July 2009Jayadeva & Geetagovinda (Private cover)

Jaidev and Geetgovind – 27 July 2009

(72)16 Aug.2009 Heritage Railway Stations of India

Heritage Railway Stations of India – 16 August 2009

(73) 1 Oct.2009Rare Fauna of the North East

Rare Fauna of the North – East – 1 October 2009

(75) 9 Nov.2009 Horses of India

Horeses of India – 9 November 2009

Screenshot_3  Hemant Kumar Jain, Mandla (M.P.)

News from Philatelic Societies



Philatelic Club Thrissur was started in April 1976 as Stamp Exchange Club of Trichur. The first President of the Club was Mr. K. K.Govindankutty and Secretary Mr. Olvex M Noronha. In 1978 Annual General Body was conducted with 16 members. In this meeting Club’s name changed as Trichur Philatelic Association with Mr. Pallan J Kunjuvareed as president, Mr. Olvex M Noronha as secretary and adopted new Bye-law. Philately and Numismatic classes were regularly conducted in the monthly meetings. Journal of the Club” The Philatelist” won Bronze Medal in 1987 International Exhibition.

In 1991, Trichur Philatelic Association was changed to Philatelic Club Thrissur registered (534/91) under Societies Act, along with new emblem. Philatelic Club Thrissur affiliated to Philatelic Congress of India. For the first time in the history of Kerala Postal Circle, Philatelic Advisory Board was constituted with the leadership of Chief Post Master General V. Radhakrishnan. Two members of the board were from Philatelic Club Thrissur viz.: Mrs. Sathi Veerachandra Menon and Mr. O K Prakash.

The first coin and stamp exhibition of Philatelic Club Thrissur “THRISSURPEX 91” was conducted on 20, 21, 22 September 1991: this was inaugurated by District Council President Mr. V. V Raman. Municipal Chairman Mr. Kesavan Kutty Menon and Post Master General Mr. Thomas Varghese were presided. The portrait of Sakthan Thampuran, the father of Thrissur depicted in the special cover. The special cancelation was elephant and Thidampu. Prizes were distributed on the closing day by Chief Post Master General Mr. V. Radhakrishnan in the presence of Mr.Therambil Ramakrishnan M L A. It was a great achievement of all the members of the club working together in one spirit. During the exhibition more than 105 members joined the Club including Mr. Deschl from USA who wrote “The Comprehensive India States Postal Stationary Listing”.

Philatelic Club conducted coin exhibition “THRISSURNEX 94 “on 6, 7, 8, 9 October 1994. Due to non availability of frames from the postal department, Club was forced to abandon philately at the last moment.

The silver jubilee celebration of Philatelic Club Thrissur “THRISSURPEX2003” was conducted on 19, 20, 21 September 2003. The 33rd annual celebration “THRISSURPEX 2008” Philatelic and Numismatic exhibition was conducted on 18, 19, 20 November 2008 .

Philatelic Club Thrissur won laurels at World Philatelic Exhibition “INDIPEX2011” held in February 2011 at New Delhi. Its four members bagged five medals in the International exhibition. While Mr. E P James and Dr K S Mohan won ‘Vermeil’ Medals for their collection on Cochin State Anchal (Postal) History, Mrs. Sathy Veerachandra Menon (Travancore Post Mark) Mr. O K Prakash (Cochin State Postal History) and Mr. E P James (Cochin Stamps) won ‘Large Silver Medals’.

The office bearers of PHILATELIC CLUB THRISSUR are as follows: President: Mr. O K Prakash, Secretary: Mr. C J Vincent, Vice President Dr. Jayaprakash K., and Treasurer: Mr. Olvex M. Noronha.

- C J VINCENT (Mob. 098470 21886)

Secretary, Philatelic Club Thrissur

: Sreejesh Krishnan - Trivandrum

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