16 November 2011

Visit…..Europa 2012 theme



Visit 1

Visit…  Europa 2012 theme

Europa stamps have always very special theme.Europa  2011 theme was Forests and next year’s theme is going to be related with Tourism and has been declared as Visit… Jersey Post will issue two stamps on 10 January to commemorate Europa 2012 theme. All the stamps will be related with tourist activities or scenic beauty of the particular country. Well this is a beautiful theme of my collecting interest and wud love to exchange when they are issued ….

visit 2

Date of Issue : 10 January 2011

image image

Stamps to be issued by Finnish Post on 7th May 2012

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Special Covers



Preserve Wildlife


Ahmedabad - Date of Issue : 1.10.81 


GUJPEX – 73 - 1.3.73 : Army Postal Service Corps : Sabarmati Ashram





Mewarpex 2003 : Udaipur : 14 April 2003

Screenshot_3 : Ashwani Dubey, Gorakhpur

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