20 November 2011

New stamps from Italy..




Made in Italy : "Fratelli Carli"

Date  of Issue : 19 November 2011

Italian Post has issued two new stamps on 18th and 19th November 2011. The one shown above is of famous Made in Italy series and the other featuring Palace of the Mint of Italian unification in Rome.



Issuance of a definitive stamp belonging to the series theme "Made in Italy" Fratelli Carli dedicated to the centenary of the foundation

Cartoon depicting in stylized, graphic design elements related to the company Fratelli Carli: the background, the sea and a hill with cultivation of olive trees, left a demijohn and a truck in the foreground with the old word "Fratelli Carli" .
Completing the legends the stamp "MADE IN ITALY"

italy.jpg 2 

Date of Issue : 18 November 2011

Palace of the Mint of Italian unification in Rome

Vignette depicts the main facade of the Palace with the partial reproduction of the Mint, to the left of the coin by Attilio Motti, 1927, made for the fifteen years of the "New Mint" on the right design continues over the prospect of a medal, in lower left, three vertical stripes in the colors of the tricolor, completing the stamp to the legend "THE PALACE OF ITALY BRAND UNITS".


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