23 October 2011

Romare Bearden art work on stamps..


US art

Date of Issue : 28 September 2011

US Postal Service issued a set of four on 28 September featuring art work of renowned artist Romare Bearden .

Romare Bearden (1911-1988) was one of the 20th century's most distinguished American artists. His art has been praised for depicting the complexities of African-American experience while addressing universal themes, and is in the permanent collections of major museums across the nation. Though he created works in many media, he is particularly celebrated for his groundbreaking approach to collage. Using various materials, including cut papers, foil, and fabrics, he transformed collage into a forceful means of expression with mainstream appeal.

Four collages by Bearden, have been features on the Romare Bearden (Forever) stamp sheet.

US art
Conjunction (1971) is a large work showing a Southern social scene, reflecting Bearden's recollections of his early childhood. The work celebrates the human activity of connecting through touch and conversation, and pays homage to the Southern quilt-making tradition suggested by the fabrics of the women's brightly patterned dresses.

US art

Odysseus: Poseidon, The Sea God—Enemy of Odysseus (1977) is one of many images by Bearden based on literary sources. Poseidon was the archenemy of Odysseus in Homer's epic poem, The Odyssey; his image here reveals Bearden's deep exploration of the human condition.

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Prevalence of Ritual: Conjur Woman is one of a series of important collages Bearden made in 1964. The power and dignity of the black woman was a central theme in his work, and the spiritual and mysterious "conjur" woman was a recurring subject.

US art 

Falling Star (1979) juxtaposes the ordinary, a domestic interior, with the marvelous, as seen through its windows. Bearden uses layers of meaning in this work, addressing universal human experience.

Romare Bearden

Romare Bearden, in his army uniform 

Bearden was born in Charlotte, North Carolina, but grew up in New York City. His parents had hoped he would study medicine, but he ultimately earned a degree in education in 1935. For many years, he worked as a caseworker with the New York City Department of Social Services and painted in the evenings, making an ever-expanding study of world art. He wrote lyrics for songs, including the hit "Seabreeze," and designed album covers, costumes, and stage sets. He was also a respected scholar and writer. In 1969, Bearden's income as an artist finally allowed him to leave his day job.

image image

Romare Bearden’s The Calabash & Patchwork Quilt

He was recognized with many honors including the National Medal of Arts, awarded in 1987, and election to the National Institute of Arts and Letters in 1972.

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