02 October 2011

Canada Post launches Diwali stamps



Date of Issue : 12 September 2011

For the first time ever, Canada Post has created two picture postage stamps specifically designed to celebrate Diwali, the festival of light.

On September 12th, Canada Post launched two Picture Postage™ Diwali stamps in preparation for next month’s celebrations. These stamps will provide the perfect finishing touch when sending Diwali greetings to friends and family across Canada.

One stamp features three candles (or diyas), with Dipawali written in Hindi and Diwali in English.  The second stamp features a lotus flower – a symbol of peace and creativity – and the words “Happy Diwali” in English and French.

Canada Post worked with the High Commission of India in Ottawa to finalize the stamp designs.

Diwali 1

These special stamps are available in a sheet of 21 self-adhesive stamps that also includes a larger image of the stamp as a souvenir.  Price of each sheet is $17.90 and each stamp is good for mailing anywhere in Canada.

diwali 2

These and all Picture Postage stamps are valued at the current domestic postal rate. These stamps cost slightly more than the standard postage rate because they are created using Canada Post’s Picture Postage service.

For details on how where to purchase these stamps, or how to turn your own photos into Diwali stamps and postcards, visit : canadapost.ca/diwali.

These stamps are not available at retail counters.
Customers must order them by phone at 1-877-632-6347 or go to

: Prakash Modi, Canada

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