14 October 2011

New Stamps from Poland – Lost works of Art


Lost Works of Art


Date of Issue : 21 October 2011

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Polish Post will issue a set of 3 stamps with a sheetlet on 21 October featuring “ Lost Works of Art” . It is beautiful set of stamps for art lovers and those collecting on paintings.








Club News

Virtual Stamp Collecting !!

Janice, The Topical Stamp Collecting Queen writes about Virtual Stamp collecting on her site…

Know more..

“Virtual stamp collecting has become a favourite pastime on social media platforms such as FaceBook, Flickr and Twitter/Twitpic. This is a short introduction with all you need to know to get started as well as directions to the main virtual stamp websites. Start your virtual stamp album online today. Its the most fun you can have with your computer on! ”

- Bruce Kilgour


Press Clippings

I Nex t1

An interview with distinguished philatelists of Gorakhpur,  Sandeep Chaurasia and Raman Kumar Mandal was published in I Next, Gorakhpur on 13 October 2011. Click following link to read interview !!



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