11 October 2011

Mythical Creatures on new Australian Stamps




Date of Issue : 4 October 2011

Australia Post continues the tradition of Stamp Collecting Month (SCM) throughout October with the release of the Mythical Creatures stamp issue. There are five domestic rate (60 cents) stamps and one domestic large letter rate ($1.20) stamp.


Excitable and contrary, fairies can be both malicious and good-hearted. Common in mythology, they can take on a number of guises.

This creature is often referred to as the ugliest of legendary beings. Grumpy, strong and not very clever, trolls originated in Scandinavia.

In Greek mythology the beautiful woman with the tail of a fish lures sailors to their deaths with her eerie song.

This majestic being has the body of a lion and the wings and head of an eagle. It is very ancient, first appearing in art of the Bronze Age. The Griffin was often regarded as king of all creatures and responsible for guarding priceless treasure.

This horse-like creature with a spiralling horn projecting from its forehead was first mentioned by the ancient Greeks. In the Middle Ages it was believed that only a young girl could catch this wild and shy animal.

This creature appears in the mythology of most cultures. In European legend it is usually a malevolent, fire-breathing monster with bat-like wings. It lives in a dark lair, like a cave.



Issue Highlights
The range of products with this issue includes a 3D minisheet stamp pack, complete with viewing glasses, and a set of two stamp and medallion covers. There is also a prestige booklet of the early sketches, along with full-colour illustrations of the creatures by illustrator, Aaron Pocock. There are also a set of ten swap cards and window decals to brighten up any room.

More Stamps on Mythology from Great Britain

Similar stamps on mythology were also issued by Royal Mail in 2009. Distinguished philatelist from Israel, Dr Eli Moallem shares here an exhibit page from his collection !!

Page 125 - Mythic Creatures


Club News



                             - Report by Cdr G Srirama Rao

SIPEX 2011 was held from 7-9 Oct 2011  at LITE A/C Hall, 17 Balfour Road Kilpauk Chennai conducted by the South India Philatelists' Association (SIPA) .

SAM_2365 SAM_2373

The arrangements made for the exhibition were excellent. The frames which were made for and used during the International Philatelic exhibition at New Delhi 2010 , and the frames to set up the dealers booths were obtained from the Postal Department which are of high quality. All the association members which included many senior citizens took active part in all the arrangements as well as putting up frames, dealer booths receiving and framing the exhibits and ensuring their security.


SAM_2475 SAM_2476

Over all there were 388 frames with exhibits and 50 dealers booths. Most of the exhibits some from the veterans were of high quality and very informative. The dealers had lot of philatelic material and did brisk and good business. The philatelic Bureau also had set up a stall in addition to the Army Post Office. A reception counter to answer all queries was also set up.  The committee deserves great appreciation for the hard work put in and excellent arrangements made.


Overall 6 vermeil, 11 silver and 33 silver bronze  and 40 bronze medals were awarded in addition to participation certificates.. The following special covers were released on the dates mentioned

07 Oct 11    Coral reef Gulf of Mannar

08 Oct 11  -  Endangered Grizzled Squirrel

                 - Maritime heritage of Tamilnadu, Rock Paintings at Keelvalai 1000-500 BC

The first special cover was released by the PMG of Tamilnadu postal circle and the second and the third were released on 8 0ct by Mr Sunderrajan, IFS Chief conservator of forests TN and Mr Ramamurthy director of archeology department. The chief guest on the final day was Shri K Sridhar Principal secretary TN Govt, Mr Ramachandran PMG TN. Mr Madan Mohan Das of Chennai, Mr VK Nagpal and Mr Ajay K Mittal and Mr S Blasundaram rep of India post  were the Jury.


SIPA also held a quiz competition for the local school children before the exhibition and awarded prizes on the concluding day. The exhibit of Mr CG Bhaskar was awarded Vermeil as well as the best exhibit award.

On the final day all exhibits were safely handed over to all participants. The writer of this review also participated and was awarded Silver Bronze for his exhibit Musical Post Offices.

For the special covers SIPA can be contacted at sipagold@gmail.com or mobile 98406 45487, 94444 91111 (Mr Bhaskar) 98404 23567, 98410 22884 or their office at  No.76(old No.410 Perianna Maistry street(st Floor) Periampet, Chennai 600 003.

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