04 August 2023

Stamp Quizzes - A Handbook of Philatelic Trivia and Quizzes

 Stamp Quizzes

A Handbook of Philatelic Trivia and Quizzes

By Anil Dhir

The Department Of Posts has launched this year’s  Deen Dayal Sparsh Yojana scheme for the promotion of philately among school children. The book  “Stamp Quizzes: A Handbook of Philatelic Trivia and Quizzes”  is a very useful book for students who take part in the competitive event. 

The  3rd Edition of the book,  which has sold more than 5000 copies till date, has been released. It is an encyclopedic book of 270 pages with  1700 questions and answers and is very helpful for the students who appear in the  Deen Dayal Sparsh Yojana competition. In earlier years, students have benefitted from this book and have got scholarships. Even otherwise, it is a very informative book that can be used for promoting Philately. The book  priced at Rs 400/-  and is sold on Amazon and Flipkart. The author is offering the books at a  special price of Rs 125/- each including postage for the promotion of philately.  

Philatelic Associations and Clubs are requested to purchase the books in bulk for sale and distribution to the various schools that are participating in the Sparsh program. A reading of the book will certainly motivate them to participate in the competition.  

Orders can be placed directly to:  anildhir2k5@hotmail.com  or WhatsApp at  9861020747.

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