24 August 2023

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Sikkim Philatelist Roshan Prasad wins the Literature Silver Bronze Medal at the TAIPEI 2023 Stamp Exhibition

Singtam, 17.08.23: Roshan Prasad, an eminent philatelist from Singtam, Sikkim, has added another feather to his International Philatelic Medal accolades by winning the prestigious Silver Bronze Medal at the 39th Asian International Stamp Exhibition held at the Taipei World Trade Center (August 11 to 15, 2023) for his philatelic book, titled "The Stamp Collector's Dictionary,"

Mr. Prasad's achievement is a testament to his unwavering commitment to philately and his dedication to preserving and promoting the rich history and culture encapsulated in postage stamps. His book encapsulates years of expertise and passion, reflecting his deep understanding of the philatelic world.

"I am deeply honoured and humbled to receive the Silver Bronze Medal for 'The Stamp Collector's Dictionary' at the TAIPEI 2023 Stamp Exhibition. This is my seventh International philatelic medal, Such recognition motivates me to continue my journey in philately; and contribute further to the thriving global community of stamp enthusiasts," said Roshan Prasad.

Mr. Prasad's success resonates not only within the philatelic community but also among the people of Singtam and the entire state of Sikkim. His accomplishment highlights the talent and dedication that individuals from smaller regions can bring to the world stage.

-Shital Srisyog Pradhan

Bengaluru Postcrossers

ON 13th August 2023 Bengaluru postcrossers gathered again for a memorable meet up , happened for the first time it was an INDO-CHINA joint (Beijing & Bengaluru) postcrossing meet-up celebrating our culture together, for example, a lunar year celebration and Diwali. We signed more than 600 cards inside a beautiful space of a book store at church street called Bookworm with three beautiful designs curated by a Chinese postcrosser. We also had a video call with all of them in Beijing China discussing handicrafts, culture, UNESCO sites, and of course cards.  Postcrossers from Wayanad and Kanchipuram also joined us for this event.

-Praveen Shastry, Bengaluru


On 14th August the Partition Horrors Remembrance Day was held at Bhubaneswar GPO, organized by the Department of Posts along with a small exhibition on the topic. The Senior Post Master, Bhubaneswar GPO Mr. Manoj Kumar Patnaik, Public Relations Inspector Mr. Sunil Kumar Rath, etc. including myself delivered talks on the subject. Philatelists of EIPA and Postal staff attended the function held at the Philatelic Bureau, Bhubaneswar.

- Ajit Kumar Dash , Bhubaneshwar

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