17 November 2022

New pictorial cancellations on Children's Day


Children's Day Cancellations are:

1. आंख मिचौली Blind Man's Buff - from Mumbai

2. कंचे खेलना Playing Marbles - from Aurangabad 

3. गिल्ली डंडा Gilli Danda - from Nagpur

4. किथ किथ Hop Scotch - from Pune

5. लगोरी Seven Stones - from Panaji

6. लट्टू Spinning Top - from Nashik

These cancellations will be available in concerned bureaus only on Children's Day itself. A set of all 6 cancellations will be prepared and will be made available from Mumbai GPO later. Those who are interested in traveled covers are requested to contact the bureaus in advance.

- Praveen Shastry, Bangalore

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