06 February 2021

Supplement to Meghdoot Cards guide (2015-2020)


Supplement – 1 to First Edition Meghdoot Cards Guide (2015-2020) 

The First Supplement of Meghdoot Cards Guide (2015-2020) By P.D. Heda has been released and available now. This Supplement  features details of all Meghdoot Cards released  between 2015 – 2020 with released date, Year & Motif, description , language and Printed Quantity .  It also includes the pics motif & designs  of all the Meghdoot Cards released between 2015-2020 period. The design, printing and layout of the Book is very good. It is useful for all the collectors of Meghdoot Cards and postal stationery.

The Price of the Supplement is Rs. 160 ( Including Postage in India) For the book  Please Contact : Purushottam Das Heda : Email : pdheda@gmail.com Mob : Whatsapp : 9848089049  

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