04 February 2021

New Special Cover - Chauri Chaura Centenary Celebrations


Chauri - Chaura Centenary Celebrations

My stamp and a special Cover was released during Centenary Celebrations of Chauri Chaura on 4th February 2021 in Chauri Chaura, Gorakhpur.

Chauri Chaura is a town near Gorakhpur, Uttar Pradesh, India, located on the State Highway between Gorakhpur and Deoria, 30.5 kilometres. from Gorakhpur. Chauri Chaura is noted for a historic incident which happened on 4th February 1922 in Chauri chaura . It is very important in the history of national movement. The incident lead to killing of 22 policemen and immediate end of Non-Cooperation Movement by Gandhi owning to violence.

: Ashwani Dubey- Gorakhpur

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