18 August 2013

New stamps from Liechtenstein …


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Date of Issue : 2 September 2013

Here are new stamps from Liechtenstein to be issued on 2 September 2013 featuring themes on Sports car performing Arts and Joint issue.

Sports and Touring Cars…

The car stamps, depicting another four rarities from the world of cars, continues the “Collections in Liechtenstein” series started in autumn 2012. All the sports and touring cars illustrated in this series were built in the 1950s and are today housed in the garages of Liechtenstein collectors, from which they are occasionally brought out for a short drive in Liechtenstein and the adjoining areas.

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As in the earlier series the stamps are based not on photographs of these automotive treasures but on oil paintings by the Canadian artist Mark Heine. The lettering on the stamps is stamped in gold foil.

Performing Arts

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New stamps to be issued on 2 September 2013 by Liechenstein on Performing Arts feature   “Dance” (face value CHF 1.00), to “Theatre” (face value CHF 1.40),  “Musical Theatre” (face value CHF 2.00) and  “Cabaret” (face value CHF 4.00).

Joint Issue with Russia


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Liechtenstein Post will issue a joint issue with Russia on 2nd September 2013. The first of the two stamps designed by the Russian Post Office shows the early work “Voyage of the Argonauts” (face value CHF 1.40), completed in 1909 as an entry in a competition at the St. Petersburg Academy of Fine Arts and depicting an excerpt from the adventurous voyage of the Greek prince Jason with his companions the Argonauts; the second shows the painting “Silum” (face value CHF 2.60), which Zotow painted in 1945 during his exile in Liechtenstein and which shows a typically Zotow view of Liechtenstein’s alpine world. The two stamps are being issued in se-tenant form and are to appear both in Liechtenstein (German) and in Russia (Cyrillic).

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