06 August 2013

International Year of Statistics 2013




Date of Issue : 24 May 2013

Portugal Post issued a set of two stamps and a miniature sheet to commemorate International Year of Statistics 2013 .

The International Year of Statistics (Statistics2013) is a global initiative, now encompassing more than 1400 participating organizations from 108 countries, which aims to celebrate and recognize the powerful contributions of statistical science to the lives of each one of us, on our everyday chores.

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Through the combined effort of many organizations specializing in this area, the event "Statistics2013" aims to promote the importance of statistics, not only for the scientific community in the broad sense, but also for the business community, the government, the media and the public in general.

The objectives of this comprehensive celebration are:
- To increase public awareness of Statistics as a fundamental tool in all aspects of life in society.
- To promote Statistics as a career, especially among young people.
- To support and encourage creativity and development in Probability and Statistics sciences.


Nowadays the notions of Statistics and of (the Theory of) Probability are well differentiated. In a synthetic form, it can be said that the Theory of Probability is the study of mathematical models suitable for the description of random experiments, i.e., involving uncertainty (the so-called probabilistic or stochastic models). And that Statistics is the science of collecting, organizing, analysing, interpreting and transmitting data, i.e. measurements or observations taken from the real world, as well as the prediction of new data. Thus, Statistic is an area of science, separated from Mathematics but in many aspects (in obtaining inferences and predictions) it is based on it and dependent on Computing. Depending on the many different approaches we may have Descriptive Statistics, Statistical Inference, Statistical Prediction, Statistical Decision, Official Statistics, Mathematical Statistics, Computational Statistics, Frequentist Statistics and Bayesian Statistics.

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Date of Issue : 7 July 2013


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