16 August 2013

Bobcat on new US stamp…



The United States Postal Service reissued a 1-cent stamp featuring a distinctive bobcat design in a water-activated gum coil of 10,000 stamps. This design was originally issued in 2012 as a 1-cent definitive stamp in coils of 3,000.

The stamp art is a highly stylized, digital image of a bobcat with golden eyes, a pink nose and fur in shades of brown. Bobcats (Lynx rufus) are members of the feline family found across the United States. The medium-sized cats are proficient hunters, stalking their prey with patience and stealth. Much of the bobcat’s diet consists of rabbits and rodents, but they are not particular when it comes to choosing their next meal. Bobcats are found in a wide range of environments, including mountains, forests and deserts. Their coats can range in color from beige to brown, with dark spots and stripes. Tufts of fur on the tips of their ears, and short bobbed tails help distinguish bobcats from other felines. Bobcats are mostly nocturnal and solitary, finding dens in caves or rocks. In the wild, bobcats can live more than 12 years.

Club News

Thematic Exhibition at Pune

New Special Cover & Cancellation on Jain Temple on 31st August

- Sudhir Jain

Jainism Philately Group, Pune Chapter is organising a Jainism Theme Philatelic Exhibition at Pune from 31st Aug. to 2nd Sept. 2013. On this occasion a special cover is being issued on 31st August 2013 to commemorate 61th Pratishtha Mohotsav of Shri Godijee Jain Mandir Pune (also known as Sangh Mandir). Postal Department will provide a special cancellation on this occasion.

the cost of Special Cover is Rs. 30/- per cover which will be sent by Speed Post. The postage & packing charges will be Rs. 40/- up to five covers. For order, following office bearers may be contacted -

1. Shri Hemant Bafna (President, JPG Pune Chapter)

Mob : 9890929000/9623529000 E-mail : bafna_hemant@yahoo.in

2. Shri Mithalal Jain (Secretary, JPG Pune Chapter),

Mob:9822098880 E-mail :dipenpanna@yahoo.co.in

My Stamp

Mahatma Gandhi on My Stamp sheetlet released by Department of Post, Jammu & Kashmir Postal Circle

JK My Stamp


: Raj Kumar Choudhary – Jamshedpur

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