20 August 2013

Carnivorous plants from Australia



Here are new stamps from Australia featuring Carnivorous Plants.

There are more than 670 species of carnivorous plants found across the world except in Antarctica. In Australia there are more than 200 species of which more than half are endemic, or native to, Australia. These are represented by six genera, Aldrovanda, Byblis, Cephalotus, Drosera, Nepenthes, and Utricularia.


Date of Issue : 13 August 2013

Each of the plants is shown with a creature it is most likely to eat.

Drosera lowriei occurs on granite outcrops in south western Australia and was named after Allen Lowrie a West Australian botanist.

Drosera rupicola is a tuberous species found exclusively in the southern wheat belt and goldfi elds areas of Western Australia.

Nepenthes rowanae was named after the famous Australian botanical artist Ellis Rowan.

Cephalotus follicularis is commonly known as the Albany or Western Australian Pitcher Plant and is found only in the south-west of Australia.

My Covers and Cards

Received special cover and Maxim Card from  Mr K. Veeraraghvan of Pattukottai . many thanks to him for nice philatelic items.

Special Cover

91 Years of Tamilnadu Mercantle Bank Ltd. Tuticorin – 27.2.2013


Picture 017

Maximum Card  : Shrine Basilica, Vailankanni

Picture 017

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