22 August 2013

New Stamp from India..



Date of Issue : 21 August 2013

India Post issued on 21st August,2013 a commemorative stamp on noted personality Shri Raj Bahadur.Shri Raj Bahadur was a leader of Indian National Congress and a minister in the Indian government. He was Minister of Telecommunications for the year 1956 - 57. He  also  served as  Indian Ambassador to Nepal.He died on 22 September 1990 in New Delhi.

: Mansoor B. - Mangalore

New stamps from Ukraine

Beauty and Greatness of Ukraine

image image

Date of Issue : 23 August 2013

Here are some new stamps from Ukraine on a variety of subjects featuring beauty of Ukraine, different Types of Bread and Papaya.The Block selvages  of souvenir sheet shown above are artistically decorated with words: “Beauty and Greatness of Ukraine. Dnipropetrovsk region”.



Date of Issue : 24 August 2013



Date of Issue : 20 August 2013

The stamps depict: palianytsia, kalatch, wedding loaf, black bread, bagels. These are the most popular kinds of bread in Ukraine.Block selvages depict the process of bread production.

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