08 February 2013

New Chocolate stamps



Brussels - On March 25, the Belgium Post Office (Bpost) will issue novel chocolate smelling, chocolate tasting stamps. There will be five stamps treated with heat sensitive inks.

The Belgian postal service said: “We have added a chocolate taste to the glue of the stamps. You can taste [it] when you lick it. It was not easy to get the scent and flavor of the dark chocolate right. In the end, people from Belgium, Germany, the Netherlands and Switzerland all worked on it.”

The stamps are being issued to honor and celebrate the Belgiam’s famous chocolatiers and chocolate as a national delicacy. A Telegraph article describes the issue as Willy Wonka-style postage stamps that are in the wacky spirit of the novel by Road Dahl about an eccentric candy maker.

If you sniff the stamps you will smell chocolate and when you lick them to stick them on the envelope they will taste of chocolate. Perhaps people will lick off all the glue and then need to look for a glue stick. Johnny Thijs, the CEO of Bpost crowed:"With such stamps we prove our sense of modernity and innovation."

Not content with their chocolate stamps, Bpost is also planning a series of stamps that will emphasize road safety. These stamps will be printed on "glow in the dark ink". Perhaps people will be encouraged to stick these on their clothing at night, or on backpacks. Another future issue to celebrate the 100th anniversary of Belgium's Royal Meteorological Society will have heat sensitive ink that will reveal a hidden pattern when touched because of the warmth from the fingers.

The five stamps are intended for overseas mail and will cost 6.20 euros .


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Views and Opinion


Philately under the cloud

In the editorial of Vadophil (Issue no. 131-132, Jul.-Oct. 2012), it was stated that “Organised Philately is often linked to a three legged stool; the three legs are philatelists, trade and postal administration”.

Geometrically, three legged stool is very stable even if three legs are of un-equal lengths. In terms of philately, legs could be interpreted as contribution to the promotion of philately.

We need to review the third leg of stool i.e. Postal Administration, which is most important but unfortunately having a cracked leg. A while ago Department of Posts released a glossy and colourful philatelic magazine “Phila Post” with a great funfare in Delhi. Many philatelists from Gujarat and elsewhere from India and, of course, PCI members attended the meeting. Loud announcements were made on the future course of action to promote philately in India and regular release of the magazine through philatelic bureaux all over India. After couple of issues magazine had gone in hibernation.

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Response to above

Carefully read the editorial of Vadophil and noted the contents and the expressions of the editor, a veteran, sincere and dedicated philatelist, who himself and the members of Baroda Philatelic Society has been hurt by ill behavior of DOP officials during last few  events. The anguish and disappointment of the editor due to ill behavior and dry attitude of DOP can be felt and understood. But this response from DOP officials is experienced every where in India. I personally have experienced it several times. Philatelists are used and thrown.

I understand we are lover of philately and for the sake of it we do or have to do certain deeds which otherwise we would never had even thought of doing . But being lover of philately we must appreciate Love is Love….no expectations…no bargain…..no regrets. We are bound to receive and bear such gestures from DOP. Administrators don't have hearts. Bureaucrats are hard hearted and don't understand and cares for the sentiments.. He must understand there can not be any Dark Day or even Dark Night because philately glows in our heart and mind always, during day and night..

Further, I appreciate editor’s three legs theory of organized philately which as per him states that “Organized Philately is often linked to a three legged stool; the three legs are philatelists, trade and postal administration”.

Here I would like to add one thing that Organized Philately should be linked with all four the legs of a stool as philately is not a still event, it moving, moving from generation to generation. It’s like moving car and for its proper, stable, uniform, speedy, easy and joyful running, 4th wheel is very important. And for me the fourth wheel is "PHILATELIC ADMINISTRATION". Now is the time when there is true need of philatelic administration to not only set right the postal administrations but to organize the philately in better and graceful manner. The need of this administration is Global and not local.

While appreciating his feeling and views on the dry, unwanted and unwarranted behavior of DOP; I would suggest editor and members of Baroda Philatelic Society should come out of it, concentrate on how better they can enjoy philately keeping in mind that there are remote chances of any PERMANENT solution to the administrative attitude of DOP officials.

Here I appreciate Mr. Jhingan’s (Delhi based veteran Philatelist) efforts who has shown that without DOP’s support also, philately can glow, glaze, prosper and enjoyed. Once again, here I feel the urgent need of proper PHILATELIC ADMINISTRATION..... such as formation of PHILATELIC REGULATORY AUTHORITY etc.

Yes, editor’s fresh wind theory of removal of dark cloud is certainly demand of the time. Any way, if fresh wind is not available, let’s plan to refresh the existing clouds . But let the wind of enthusiasm sweep through us and keep us move like Kings…..ultimately it is said that philately is hobby of kings…

With thanks and regards,

- Naresh Agrawal, Bilaspur (C.G.)

email : nareshkumar1992@yahoo.co.in

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