25 February 2013

INPEX–2013 Day 5


Hi !

Today is  5th and last day of INPEX 2013. The awards were announced yesterday. I am pleased to write that Rainbow Stamp News got a vermeil medal . This is perhaps the highest award ever given for a philatelic magazine in a national stamp exhibition. In the Championship Class two exhibits have been shortlisted “Summer Olympic Games” by Dinesh Chandra Sharma and “Handstruck Postage stamps of India upto 1852 “ by Kishor Chandak. In Youth Class highest award went to  Siddarth S. Tawkar with Vermeil and  a special Prize. I will soon post the award list on blog as I receive it.

This is all for today….I am writing this post from Navi Mumbai…Will post rest of the news very soon…Until then Have a Nice Time !!

1 comment:

leena said...

Congrats Jyoti, for the award...I was sure that your magazine would definitely get you the prize.

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