13 February 2013

Day of Love and Friendship..


Valentine’s Day


14th February, the  Valentine's Day is the perfect day to show feelings. February 14 is also an ideal date to propose and even to get married.

Nothing matters more than love on Valentine’s Day. And nothing conveys love to your sweetheart better than a well-composed romantic letter. A beautiful love-letter has been known to win many hearts and seduce many souls. A powerful weapon in a lover’s arsenal, a love-letter is an indispensable part of Valentine’s Day celebrations.

The design for this year’s  Philippino stamp is a stylized drawing of a couple holding hands, wearing traditional Filipino costumes who profess their love for each other. The man hands in a bouquet of flowers while the woman holds a love letter.

Romance will never be lost . As long as there are people falling in love, love letters will always be written, cherished and enjoyed forever by the grateful recipient. These cards and letters sent through mail, are most of the time kept through the years for sentimental reasons.


Correos de Mexico issued a stamp to celebrate the coming St. Valentine’s Day, or Day of Love and Friendship, as this holiday is called in Mexico.


Language of stamps


Most Of Us Will Be Familiar With The Language Of Flowers. In Victorian Times Flowers Were Often Sent To Convey Messages. Even Today Roses Still Represent Love And White Flowers, A Sense Of Purity. However Few Will Be Aware Of The Language Of Stamps .Many Letters Posted In The Late Nineteenth And Early Twentieth Century Had Stamps Affixed To Envelopes And Picture Postcards In All Sorts Of Odd Positions And Angles.

The Position Of The Stamp On The Envelope Was Supposed To Relay A Message To The Receiver. I Imagine That People Who Lived On The Edge Of Society Found This A Convenient Way Of Expressing Their Feelings. I Wonder, Too, If Spies Or Criminals Had Stamp Languages Of Their Own…the Problem Of Postmarking The Stamps Placed On Various Parts Of The Envelope Finally Became So Great, That Postal Administrations Of The World Introduced Regulations Requiring The Sender Of Mail To Affix Stamps In The Upright Corner Of The Envelope. Collectors Of Postal History And Picture Postcards Should Be On The Look-out For Envelopes And Postcards With Stamps Affixed In Odd Positions, As They Could Well Form An Interesting Thematic/Topical Collection. Here Are Some Of The Interpretations Of The Stamp Language:

Stamp Positions & Meaning

Upside down, top left corner = I love you

Crosswise on top left corner = My heart is another’s

Centre of envelope, at top = Yes

Center of envelope, at bottom = No

Straight up and down, any position = Goodbye sweetheart

Upside down, top right corner = Write no more

At right angle, top right corner = Do you love me?

At right angle, top left corner = I hate you

Upright top right corner = I desire your friendship

Upright in line with surname = Accept my love

Upside down in line with surname = I am engaged

At right angle in line with the surname = I long to see you

Centred on right edge = Write immediately !

Screenshot_3 : Dr Paresh Upadhyay, Rajkot ( Gujarat)

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