04 February 2013

Chauri Chaura incedent – 4 February 1922



Chauri Chaura is a town near Gorakhpur, Uttar Pradesh. The town is known most for an event in February 1922 during the British Raj when a police chowki  (police station) was set on fire by a mob of angry citizens, killing 22 policemen inside.


Chauri Chaura : 4 February 2013



Chauri-Chaura township came into the prominence on 4th Feb, 1922, which was a turning point in the Non-co-operation movement started by Gandhiji. During this movement, indiscriminate firing by Chauri-Chaura police led to the death of 26 Satyagrah volunteers. Enraged by police atrocities the mob set the police chowki on fire in which one Sub-Inspector and 21 policemen (total 22 people) were charred to death. British government took repressive measures and 172 persons involved in Chauri-Chaura incidence were sentenced to death and 14 were sent to Kalapani (Andman Nicobar prison cells). This led Mahatma Gandhi to withdraw the movement altogether.

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A memorial near this Chauri-Chaura police station was constructed in 1973, by the state Government, in the memory of those who laid down their lives in the fight for justice & Independence. The memorial, in the form of a triangular pillar 12.2 meter high, is situated near the railway station of Chauri-Chaura. A library & museum related with freedom struggle is also set up near the memorial.

: Ashwani Dubey – Gorakhpur

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